Questions about customization + discount plans  


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03/06/2021 3:15 pm  


We're a team in full production of a video game after a successful kickstarter, and we need multiple car models game-ready with detailed interiors, for Unity. 

There is already 2 models that we would buy on this website, and potentially more than 10.

Now I got 3 questions.

1- Since we cannot afford any copyright issue or deal with car brands, we will need to 'unbrand' the vehicles by doing some modifications to the car body like the grille and headlights, as well as removing the logos. We do have an artist ready to do that for us if the model is workable. However, is that something we can ask your service?

2- If our artist needs to do touch ups or edits to the vehicle body, it is best if the vehicle is rigged with materials and not baked with textures. This way we can easily edit anything on our side and assign the same material as before. How are your vehicles made, in that aspect?

3- How much of a discount do we get for the services ? (Game-ready, unity, detailed interior) I'm basically trying to imagine what the final bill would look like per-vehicle.

Thank you! 

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03/06/2021 3:53 pm  

Could you please to contact us via web from here, our managers will answer on all your questions.


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