Hints and tips for Hum3D  


David Hamir
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14/07/2018 6:56 pm  

1 = Create item manipulation service.

For example: Car x plus sell ready to Game offer engineering service to provide all its controls and functions of speed and maneuvers and sounds of Carrro x ready delivery of the model to be used and adapted in Game.

2 = Create categories specific to model types.

For example: Items for farm

create items of all kinds that are rural everyday

Items for companies

create items that are specific types of companies such as data centers, supermarkets, financial banks, oil companies, etc ...

This is good

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21/05/2020 2:28 pm  

They are very good proposals.

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03/07/2020 10:17 am  

Hi all, I am new here, can you help me, please?

How to upload my 3D models and renders here?

Thank you in advance!




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16/08/2020 10:34 am  

Hey! Welcome!

I hope you have already solved your problem

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