Without Borders - Mont Saint-Michel Castle  


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09/04/2021 2:33 am  

So after having to pivot from the Biltmore, I still wanted to do some kind of castle or castle like structure. After looking around online, I found the Mont Saint-Michael island in France. I may have bitten off more than I can chew but I want to give it a try!Without Borders - Mont Saint-Michel Castle

Without Borders - Mont Saint-Michel Castle
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René Roelofs
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12/04/2021 11:49 am  

Hi Abless1,

Great building or actually village. It's immense. Been there once on a holiday to the French west coast. 

Sorry, not to spoil your fun, but I think you're supposed to look for buildings or architecture within your own country. I want to join to and still haven't decide yet on a building in the Netherlands. So before you finish the model I think you should check with the jury 😉

Best of luck.



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12/04/2021 12:11 pm  

Hi Rene and Abless1, actually you can choose buildings within your own country - we have this in the rules. We decided that maybe someone has the most favorite place in other country to share.


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