Video Game Superstar - Mario Kart 64  


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28/04/2017 2:56 am  

Hi all,

I'm in, what a great challenge. After much deliberation and nostalgia tripping I decided to create a tribute to the first game I ever played, and the first game character I've ever played a game as, Nintendo's poster boy Mario. This game set in motion a deep appreciation of video games that I still have today, and to an extent I think they subtly influenced me to get into 3D. I want to capture a more realistic depiction of the red-capped hero, but stay true to the Mario Kart 64 aesthetic, so barebones kart and iconic clothing unlike that seen in more modern iterations of the series, but somewhat of a humanised Mario in the driver seat. I'm thinking Toad's Turnpike for an environment too, urban and night, so plenty of potential for nice dramatic lighting.

Sketch to follow shortly, hopefully it will make more sense then!


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28/04/2017 6:55 am  

Hi, glad to see you on the competition. Good luck!


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