Three D Guns 2 WiP - 'Short Bow' Carbine  

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Nicholas Lim
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25/04/2019 9:44 am  

Right! I made some slight colour post work in Photoshop and drew on the subtle seam lines in the plastic of the guns (I hope that's alright for the competition). I didn't really know a simple way to add seams using Octane shaders or light polymodelling, so there it is, see if you can spot the seams! Anyway, I will drop a wireframe and a 'raw' render from Octane for everyone to see here. I may leave this alone for a short while then take a final look. If nothing else changes, this may be part of my final submission. Hope everyone is having fun with their entries!

Three D Guns 2 WiP - 'Short Bow' Carbine
Combined render.

Three D Guns 2 WiP - 'Short Bow' Carbine
Plain render + wireframe, straight from Octane Standalone.

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