Three D Guns 2 Challenge - Chicken Gun WIP  

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23/05/2019 6:59 pm  

And here it is, let's call this one the final version!

All the last steps were quite subtle details layers, but i think they really add something to the scene and were worth the time investment 🙂

I added a very subtle greenish tone, finalised the dripping/shiny/slimey sauce, rework a bit the textures, and a add a slight fish eye deformation, to push the feeling of paranoïa of the character, again in a very subtle way.

Here is the concept:

They are here, i know it.
And i know that they know.

It is becoming obvious.
These chicken bones are fitting together for a reason.

They chose me for this mission.
My time has come.

I will show them.

“A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what's going on. ” -William S. Burroughs


Three D Guns 2 Challenge - Chicken Gun WIP
Three D Guns 2 Challenge - Chicken Gun WIP

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