The Lowrider  


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25/10/2016 7:25 pm  

So, I tried to do the baja truck. But I was not feeling it. Nothing was coming to mind on how to make it look right, so I decided to scrap it and work on something I am a little more passionate about.

As you may know, last year, I entered a 1959 Impala lowrider. People seemed to like it, so I figured I would give the lowrider another shot. But this year, I am going with a more classic body, using the 1965 Chevrolet Impala. So here is my rough draft with textures and a basic studio scene. Nothing special just yet, but yeah! I like it so far!

The Lowrider

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26/10/2016 10:18 am  

Hi, glad to see you on the competition with low rider. Looking forward to see it done. Good luck!


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