Survival Car Challenge 2018  


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16/04/2018 11:16 am  

Hello fellow post-apocalyptic modelers

I've been working on my entry for a few days now, so thought it time to start a WIP post. So far I have been working on reference gathering and the block out/detailing. I had a few ideas about what I was going to create, but I have settled on a cross over between a trophy truck (from Baja 1000 etc) and a pick up truck (for the body) with influences for styling from Rat Rods. I still havn't set on the final setting for the environment. It's either in the desert (to match the Baja 1000 theme), or urban city (which I would feel more comfortable creating).

Here's a quick screenshot of progress on the car.

Survival Car Challenge 2018
Survival Car Challenge 2018

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