HUM3D Challenge - NSX  

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21/11/2020 5:51 pm  

Success for you too !! Try to deliver it, maybe if you will have time. I am in the same, I have not finished the DeLorean of Back To The Future, for all the details that it takes and I want to make it as similar as possible. I hope to be at the height of all the work they are doing here, they are very good including yours that I have been following and it is looking very great. Successes for you bro!

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22/11/2020 8:30 pm  
Posted by: FipFapFoup


Just a quick not to tell that I am giving up the challenge, I would love to finish in time and it's possible for me but I just want to spend some extra time on modeling the car details, interior, thinking about the environment etc.. so in my new planning I will not be able to finish in time. Good luck to all, I saw some magic entries here !
Anyway I will still post some wip here 🙂 @Serhii this is still an awesome challenge with some amazing entries ! Great job !


Sad news here... I wish you all the best with pushing that art to the moon man! I see there a lot of potential and I will follow your work in progress!

Can't wait to see final image!

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