2019 Car Render Challenge - Audi Q8  


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13/11/2019 7:56 pm  

Hello, I'm kinda late to the challenge so I hope I can make my render ready for the deadline. I have started with the modeling and I have some ideas what kind of scene I want to make, but there isn't a solid vision yet. Anyway I have chosen Audi Q8 as my car to be modeled. I was thinking about some kind of snowy environment for the render, but I haven't really gathered much ideas yet. This is my progress so far, front is almost ready, it needs some details and inside parts of the lights etc, the side is kinda tricky, it looks straight, but actually has these weird curves and lines I have got most of it the way I want but needs some work, and the back end is missing for now 😀

2019 Car Render Challenge - Audi Q8
2019 Car Render Challenge - Audi Q8

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